Built to excel in the most challenging environments and designed to accommodate your customer's growing demands as they move up the energy ladder, the Colibrí is a one-of-a-kind prepay metering device with multiple applications: urban and rural, offline and online use, for electricity, water, gas, and other electrical appliances. With the Colibrí meter, companies can create elegant, accessible payment experiences for customers (even in locations with no celular data or WiFi), protect technology against damage or overuse in an understandable and approachable way for customers, and provide customers with visibility into their energy consumption and use, creating an interactive and engaging experience. The Colibrí meter s a product of iluméxico, a Mexican social enterprise that operates solar as a service for off-grid households in Mexico. The Colibrí is a result of iluméxico's 10+ years of experience having deployed over 4MW of installed solar energy capacity via 25,000 Solar Home Electrification Systems in 3,000 communities across Mexico. Currently, the Colibrí is metering systems in Mexico, Colombia, and the United States of America.

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Powered by Angaza
Powered by Angaza
Battery Sizes
12V | 24V
Solar Panel Options
300W | 1500W
Supported Accessories
Activation Technology
USB Accessories, debugger, logger, WIFI radio
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